Art History : Fischli & Weiss

It's contemporary Art History time. Fischli & Weiss is the Swiss duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss (who died 2 years ago). I knew their names through my work in the library of SMAK Ghent. But tonight I took the time to watch this video via Pinterest. It's one of their most known works Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go) and I found it a real exciting video, so you have to give it a shot. It's chain reaction at its best!

And also this:
At last years Venice Biennale (2013) - Suddenly this overview - Random, historic moments in time made in clay, not-baked (via)
Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Flirt, Liebe usw., 1984-85, black and white photography (via)
You want to see more, go to Sammlung Goetz


Design Joy : Looking forward to Milan

In a couple of weeks I'm visiting Milan again (last year was great! 1, 2 & 3) for Salone del Mobile and everything around it. My enthusiasm is rising when I see all the announcements...can't wait to be there!
Muller Van Severen for Kvadrat (via)
With what will Ventura Lambrate come up this year? It looks promising and I definitely will go check it!

ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE (via) at Ventura Lambrate

Slowd at Ventura Lambrate
And also on my list : Salone Satellite 2014 / Edit Designjunction / all the showrooms in the design area (around Moscova metro)


Design History : Carl Auböck

The file, named after Carl Auböck, on my desktop was virtually thickening next to others. Some files will never become a post, but for this one the time is right.

Carl Auböck (1900-1957), Austrian designer, sculptor & painter, former Bauhaus student and modernist. He inherited his fathers workshop in Vienna and produced an endless range of gorgeous objects and utensils there.

My knowledge of design icons is still growing, but with this one I have the feeling he has a huge influence on many designers these days. A lot of them return to simple forms, rough and often natural materials like leather, wood, metals as copper and brass, glass, ceramics where some craftsmanship is needed. And this in straight forward, well-thought designs.
And this recent collaboration between Carl Auböck Werkstätt and favorite Michael Anastassiades.
Peppermills in collaboration with Michael Anastassiades

image via Maharam

The more I see of it, the more I adore Carl Auböck's work and I really want to own this optimist/pessimist statue!

Nice spreads on his life and workshop : here & here & here
His designs are still produced and for sale in different (web)shops.
(All images were obtained via the links mentioned in the post.)