Several post were started but left unfinished, I see and saw so many good things in the past few months which I wanted to show, but I'm not sure if this is still the way I like to do so.
I'm rethinking and resetting...

bye for now
(for my whereabouts find me on instagram @suzysoezy)


Eye See : Atelier Marine Breynaert

Marine Breynaert esthetical language is the combination of industrial history, noble materials and raw lines. With her background in textiles and fashion she has a strong feeling for style and also with a specific interest for materials. The designer plays with disks in different stones and metals and with different textures, stacked up to architectural lamps and candle holders. (it's like the adult and stylish version of stackable baby toys)


Smile : Jump From Paper

This made me smile and it looks so weird..
I would love to be a partly walking cartoon figure with these bags by Jump From Paper :).


Impressed : Sketch London

These majestic interiors at Sketch in London fit perfectly for the first day of a new year.
Enjoy your year!

The Gallery
interior design by India Mahdavi & artwork/china by David Shrigley
(Would India Mahdavi have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson? great colors!)

The Lecture room
fierce interior design by Gahban O’Keeffe

The Glade
interior and dreamy atmosphere by artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu