Omsk from Belgium

Great collection from Belgian highstreet brand : Omsk


Watch Fetish

I admit, I have a fetish for watches (and sunglasses). Already when I was younger I had 3 watches, a cheap  thing, one I got when I went 12 (which I have to find back because in my mind it's still adorable) and one I won by entering a competition and it was very cool :).

These days I just own 2 watches, again a cheap one (5 pounds for Japanese gold) from a second hand market in London and one for my 20th (or so) birthday. So obviously I doesn't need a new one very urgent but if I could win a third one it may be one of these ... and I found my pick : Nixon Mellor watch.. cut leather and simple but modern watch.

Watches from my all time favourite Nixon - timepieces of art Issey Miyake - Danish Design - March LA.B - Tempo - Piaget (love the moon cycle)


Frontal Profile

I was featured on Nuji's blog as profile of the week (it happened already a week ago)... I was really flattered when they asked.
You can view my wannahave list of items and some of my favourite blogs...and some other random information :)

These are some of my picks and check the full post here


Face Knit

I'm not really the person with illustrative images in my closet, but I definitely would wear these from Jil Sander and Acne (Outlet)


Art History

Try it : type in Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in google images and you get 216 000 (or sometimes 229 000 or ...) interesting visuals. He was a Hungarian/American painter, photographer, designer and taught at Bauhaus school in Weimar, influenced by constructivism and representative of industry and technology into the arts. To me he seems also a precursor of the absurd collages which you see everywhere nowadays. I made a small selection out of his huge oeuvre with a preference for his photographs and installations. By coincidence I discovered Wikipaintings where you have the application 'Artworks Chronologically' which gives a good view of the evolution of an artist's work. I could spend all day checking this.
(source : wikipedia)



It's been a long time that I've made a compilation, this time it's embroidered artwork.
Everything handmade is a succes these days. And also a lot of artists use yarn and stitches, I think it gives an authentic feel to artwork and it turns a 2D into a 3D in a very simple way. It became a quite large selection from furniture to re-valued old photographs.

A mix of Emily Barletta - Shaun Kardinal - Melissa Godoy Nieto - Ronald Ceuppens - Debbie Smyth - Maria Aparicio (above)


Boyish Dream

I'm a big fan of the nostalgic/futuristic look and feel of Wes Anderson's movies. Yep they are at the same time a caricature of the past and a boyish dream on the future. He directed commercials for Hyundai in the same style as The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.