Absolute nice colours and volumes in Michael Angel Resort 2012 and it seems the model had so much fun, it's a cute way of modelling, she radiates an endearing childlike attitude.



Advanced music

These pictures of Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 are so rad!
(shot by Tim Barber)


Extinct Living

I don't like every piece on their website but some of them are superb!
The jewellery of Species by the Thousands.


Changing diversity

I immediately wanted all of her books, a painting on my wall and the dresses from Marimekko. I love the work of Jenni Rope !


In her shoes

I love these pictures and ... her shoes!


Yummy in my tummy

Yummy animation/illustration/designs from Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer.
= Yum Yum

I'd love to play the scenario of a robbery with the kung fu granny, she would definitely kick ass.


Let's hike ...

I put a lot of links on my dashboard with the meaning to share them. But sometimes there's an overload. Perfect for a sunday-evening of hiking trough the net and perfect to do some swiping... Enjoy!


Fluo Ceramics

Maison Sauvage, I didn't find a lot of information on their website. It's a German ceramic studio (what a shame they chose a french name, I like the german language so much :)) established by Nicole Mueller.
But I don't need more information if you can see these beautiful ceramic forms. Theirs already too much blablablablalallalblaabla....