Soft feet

Amazing rugs from nanimarquina...
If I could afford it, I would change my carpet as often as a handbag.


Ever heard of

Vintergatan, a danish project of students (of which I can understand). And from what I can make out of the pictures, it's creating shadow and hanging-space on a festival. I like the atmosphere in the photos... a perfect capture of a summer festival.



accidently, Comic Sans was the target.


Let's float ...

(Photo : Margaret Durow)

Sharing is caring and because I care, this is one post full of sharing :) ...
some of my favourites of the moment :

Shoes : Keller NY
Photography :Margaret Durow
Illustration : Laura Carlin
Clothing : BohoBoco

Now, I go back outside enjoying the weather and do some floating...


Ever heard of

KAMKAM, a design group from Korea responsible for funny and (sometimes) functional furniture (this looks like a triple alliteration to me!). Furniture in Kamkam-vision is designed to be more than one thing, it has different ways of using and often with a surprisingly fun part.


Les pĂȘcheurs de perles

British brand Mother of Pearl creates sportswear in a high fashion way. I love the colour blocking and also the green-red-orange combination...   and the sneakers, who wants to buy these and donate it to me?
The prints are from Keith Tyson, a Turner-prize winning artist, definitely check his website.

(via here)


The face of a type

There's a documentary about the font Helvetica! Yawn old news, I know ... but the poster crossed my path again today. It made me smiiiile :)

Touch Wood

Dye for your Life

Here are the first results of my DiDye-project, I painted on this tanktop with a toothbrush :) and Dylon textile paint..

Do you think I succeeded?


New M.C.

The illustrations of Adam Simpson are amazing, there's a lot to discover in it and the perspective, shadows and the sight from above does remind me of Escher (who I admire).

Enjoy your weekend, I have some dyeing to do!


Curly red

Made me smile this week!


MAXI mini

I'm in loooovve -------- with MiniMarket, especially with the accessories and more specific the SHOES!
But I'm not jealous nor possessive...

These bluepattern-wedges gained my heart!


Ever heard of

Urban spaces ! These crazy hoodies led by Willi Dorner show you unnoted spaces by filling them with themself!

(read more here)


Daily stealth

Kevin Van Aelst
He sets pictures in scene, but it are wonderful captures of daily things in an uncommon way.
Every picture surprises me, mostly you can tell for yourself what the meaning is but sometimes you need the title to explain, and then to look again it is even more surprising.
Very interesting to look true his work, so be sure to do it !


Weird birds

In Nick Sheehy's illustrations you can find very weird birds. I like the textures he creates, it makes everything flow into each other and a very at ease tinge about it.



I've read this in the newspaper, someones house (in Swansea, Great-Britain) has a lot of similarity with the face of a wellknown dictator.