mp3 goes 3D

When I read this article on Trendland, it made me sit up and focus, this would be an interesting idea of using a 3D-printer.. mp3's 3D-printed as a record, which can be played on a regular record player. Great!
more on this design by Amanda Ghassaei and make your own here.


Suede Search

I'm totally convinced by these suede leggings or skinny trousers, but they are so expensive. So I looked up some alternatives, but this seems not so simple.. if someone knows someone? tips?

Over the budget suede : Acne (forest green!) - Haider Ackermann - J Crew


gather your Gather Journal

Some weeks ago I ordered 2 magazines which have been on my radar for a while. One of them is the Gather Journal. I especially tried to find the first issue as it is the one made out of conviction to start a magazine, it has the enthusiasm of the creator in it. And I now can speak of a budding romance.
Gather journal is a magazine about Food with a capital, in the style of the slow living/to know what you eat and to know where your food comes from...all things I appreciate. It contains recipes for starters, mains, desserts and has other chapters like Essay, Marketplace,... .The photography is literally mouthwatering and the recipes seems not too hard (as I don't like to spend hours of ingredients in the kitchen) and I immediately want to try out a lot, but will start with the Quick Pickles.

and what else : they have a mixtape on their website too :) !


Olaf Breuning looks back and forth

I discovered Olaf Breuning via the great platform art.sy (briefly the pinterest of art). He uses female bodies (or drawings of it) as canvas and he refers in his painting and naming to some of the most famous artists in history. It's something like the intertextuality of art, or as I would like to call it : interartuality.
Check also his other work on his tumblr.

I present you 'The Art Freaks' : Marilyn - Pablo - Jean Michel - Sol - Pollock


Masha Reva x SNDCT

I'm seriously considering to buy one of these gorgeous digital printed sweaters by Masha Reva for Ukrainian brand Syndicate... I think it's a go?


Playing with senses

I'm pleasantly touched by this simple (yet great) idea of reviewing a traditional game or toy and giving it this extra dimension of sensory perception.
Makiko Shinoda graduated with Material Teddy (to stimulate cognitive development) and now she's exhibiting Playing with Senses (a perceptible chess game) at Toegepast 17 in Z33 (BE).