gather your Gather Journal

Some weeks ago I ordered 2 magazines which have been on my radar for a while. One of them is the Gather Journal. I especially tried to find the first issue as it is the one made out of conviction to start a magazine, it has the enthusiasm of the creator in it. And I now can speak of a budding romance.
Gather journal is a magazine about Food with a capital, in the style of the slow living/to know what you eat and to know where your food comes from...all things I appreciate. It contains recipes for starters, mains, desserts and has other chapters like Essay, Marketplace,... .The photography is literally mouthwatering and the recipes seems not too hard (as I don't like to spend hours of ingredients in the kitchen) and I immediately want to try out a lot, but will start with the Quick Pickles.

and what else : they have a mixtape on their website too :) !

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