The basket : GinTonic

What a great idea! A webshop dedicated to an all-time-favourite cocktail, GinTonic it's as simple as that. The shop offers a wide variety of gins and tonics, a good explanation (in dutch or french) and easy to pay with paypal.
If you prefer another cocktail or for worldwide shipping, Alexander & James is your solution :).


Smile you're on Pinterest

Perfect! :)

Check this tumblr to have some background information on the photographer Helen Levitt.


Impress : Michael Anastassiades

For me Michael Anastassiades was the best discovery in Milan. It was my enlightened moment at Euroluce (the lighting fair of the Salone in Milan). I was strolling or you could say fast walking (almost running) through the hall to see as much as possible, when I passed by this booth with superb lighting. I had my moment. I turned back and was awed by these shining mobiles and sculptures, I can't remember if I ever found a lighting piece that beautiful.

(After this moment I discovered Michael Anastassiades is not that a big discovery as he already signed for a piece at FLOS and Nilufar... he is really a name to remember.)

(and this will be probably one of the last post-Milan posts)


Top of the Pile : Una Tigre!? Su un Albero?

I found this book by accident in the wel equipped & worth-a-visit eco-bookshop at Valcucine's showroom in Milan.
Una Tigre!? Su un Albero? by Paul Biswas & Anushka Ravishankar published by Corraini. The title means (as translated by the googlers) 'A Tiger!? On a Tree?'. Good to know, but not that important for me, I don't speak much italian (except for dishes) and mainly buy these children books for the illustrations. And this one also has some very thick nice paper, it seems handmade, but it's probably just really nice paper.

It's a good addition to my bookshelves.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Eye see : Acqua Alta

I was very lucky and had the chance to go to Milan during Salone del Mobile this past week. I returned with an unbearable suitcase full of brochures and some muscle aches of carrying to much stuff, but it was so worth it. The first day I went to the actual fair at cosmit and visited Salone Satellite were young designers present their projects and I really loved this one by Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto: Acqua Alta.

It's a project by 2 Venetian students (studying at the great design school ├ęcal in Lausanne, Switzerland) who took inspiration from their hometown Venice and the phenomena of high water. When this happens, the sea level rises and drowns the streets and squares in Venice, it leaves stains on the surroundings of the city. And this is what the duo captured in a collection of objects as a marble light, a carpet, woven fabric & a scent diffuser, this all made of Venetian/Italian materials or producers.

There are not much pictures of the pieces on their website and I didn't took any at the fair, so we have to do it with this. But I can say the result was very impressive and striking.

carpet image


Carrara marble table light with a rough bottom and a more smooth top, inspired by a saline pillar

Murano glass & ceramic scent diffuser

pink & gray fabrik with woven erosion effect


Behold my Chicca

For the longest time I've wanted an espresso maker (like this one). So badly that I included it in every birthday or christmas list, but no one ever picked it out. (To be clear, no gifts were ever disappointing :))
And then, a couple of weeks ago I found this beautiful designed one in a thriftshop for the bargain price of 3 euro! Ofcourse I didn't doubt, took it with me and I haven't regretted it for a moment as this little machine makes me so happy (and awake). I also really enjoy the actions that preceed my cup of coffee. What's even more fulfilling is that this morning I discovered that my new (old) coffee maker has some recent 'design' history and a name on the bottom: Chicca by Santi Sircana for Giannini (1995).


Chain reaction : Metal x Leather

It's time for some updates. Almost 2 weeks (time flies) ago I went to de Invasie, a design fair for upcoming talent particularly from Belgium and a bit from the Netherlands. Since 3 years a group of enthousiastics organises these fairs + activities. This Sunday in March it was held in a former etnographic museum in Antwerp with work of over 70 designers. This is a very short introduction for a large and great event with a lot of visitors, mostly interesting designs and an admirable initiative of very dedicated volunteers :), make sure to take a look on their webshop.
I saw this beautiful magazine rack made from a metal frame + leather (George & Georgette by studio Woot Woot, also in white+nude, ...) and it led to this blogpost.

I really love the simplicity of these designs made out of cold metal frames in contrast with the warmth of a natural product like a rough wood or the structure/softness of leather or wool.