Paper sculptures

With every single piece I think : 'How is this possible?' and it crossed my mind several times over and over again *
If you want to know how many sheets of paper are used or to have the same experience : Kylie Stillman


Burning sand

The project of Markus Kayser was made in his MA degree at the Royal College of Art in London. His concept is so interesting, just check the vimeo...



The perfect mix between illustration and fashion. I love to pronounce her name and oh I love her designs so...
Here's Tsumori Chisato for you!


Ever heard of

Painting Reality, a project by IEPE & the anonymous crew. They performed in 2010 at Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz a real painting brushed by cars...


I already showed some of her clothing in a previous post (I'm still into dyeing, more results to come) and now she deserves full attention with the F/W11 : Raquel Allegra

You can buy her clothing on one of my favourite webshops : Totokaelo or on Net-a-porter


Swimming in the rain

Super tight patterns with Mara Hoffman Resort Swim 2011.


Architect's desk

Just a little over budget, but the most perfect desk (by Hans Wegner) in the world ... or there's probably also another one.


Something very something

3 different designs
4 colours (natural brown, dark brown, camel, waxed black)
4 selling points
and much more
= etwasbags


365 Days of Make-Up

Dutch Duo Lernert & Sander explore the urge for cosmetic overkill...

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on Nowness.com.


Flapping Fox

I do not mean to advertise, but this promotion film is stunning (and I couldn't embed the code), so click the image.


Gemnasia pt 1

As a kid I was obsessed with gemstones and now I still am fascinated by the glittering and shimmering, all made by nature. I find it really inspiring...


Paper Goods

It's been almost a week ago, shame on me, but I'm preparing a huge post about gemstones...
For now you can enjoy paper.
Home goods in recycled paper looks good! by dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp.