Very soft and beautiful illustrations/paper jewellery/art from Anna Gleeson, a HongKong/Tokyo/Sydney based artist. I love the giant paper earrings.


What I'd like to be

My post aren't as frequence anymore. I'm doing, next to my job, an internship at a magazine, so there's less time to look for interesting stuff and also less time to prepare new posts.
But then there are 2 posts almost at the same time (and almost about the same topic). I hope you like his work as much as I do.

I saw Bruno Munari in a catalogue of an auction house (pba). I especially loved the childrens book drawings he made, so I wanted to share these too. (I couldn't find them on the internet, so I photographed them. I hope I won't break laws by doing this, please warn me if I do!)

Art History

I just discovered the work of Bruno Munari (never too late to learn), what an immense archive and diversity of work and almost every single piece would fit in my living room, bedroom or ... everywhere. I think it's possible to make a blog only about his work. I'm just totally excited :).
Please share my feelings ....


Duo Winner

I do a lot of comparing. Music, illustrations, art, ...
When I see something that does remind me of something I saw before, I link it (very normal).
It's not that I find one better than the other, or it isn't about like-minded artists who obtain to the same result (sometimes it can be).
I just like to compare and to put the images next to each other...
Following the ChainReaction and with some similarities to celebrities who wear the same clothes, the comparing of visual likewise art.


Japanese Dish

Noritamy, a absolutely sophisticated jewelry brand with strong and remarkable designs.
I love the fact that all the designs have sort of twist, like a square ring or the corners in the necklace/bracelet, the tensed forms and materials...



Chain reaction

In an imitation of the Samesies (every time again I'm impressed) of Design for Mankind, I found these similar images by coincidence.
You can find them all on my Tumblr-page, were I try to make a chain reaction of images ...


I like birds

I even can say, I'm obsessed with birds...
But that's not the only reason why I like the illustrations of Brendan Wenzel. I love the fact he makes caricatural characters of the different sort of birds and the perspective feels like watching telly.


Pearls for Swines

These last days have been very busy
or time went to fast.

so it's perfect to take a look at the humoristic work of David Bielander. Jewellery with a obvious smile.


on Nuji

I'm featured (FB) as profile of the week at my new addiction : Nuji
quote : "Nuji helps you curate products you love and discover new ones with like-minded people."
I use Nuji to tag clothing, jewellery, shoes (many many shoes), to remind me were the items are for sale or just when I like the piece...
I'm a big fan of Nuji because it's a place where you can only find good style and designs ...

You can find my Nuji's in the right column.


Big Bang(les)

I'm totally into statement cuffs, so here's my list of favourites ...

I found these via pinterest, Nada Sawaya is the designer, they aren't for sale at this moment, hopefully in the future..

The second serie is from Philippe Audibert, I love the different patterns, especially the fourth, it reminds me of a jester.


The ones from Dannijo are very cool for summer, especially the colour combination made here.

I just love everything with fingerprints, so gogo YSL.

And then you also have : Etro, Monica Vinader, Marni