Souvenir report : Porto

With Labo Sabo and friends in Porto. Mostly for pleasure but also a bit for business.
Labo Sabo Praliné bag in Burgundy / photo by Annelies Vanhove

Jar lamp by projecto NUMA at Galerias Lumière

Coraçao Alecrim the most perfect store in Porto where I found my copy of Thisispaper #2

And also:
A Vida Portuguesa for beautiful packagings and portuguese products (souvenirs)
Delicious food at Galeria de Paris / Bacalhau / Bugo


I want to go to : City Trippin'

Next weekend I will spend in Porto with friends. I've been in Lisbon once and I really enjoyed the food, the colorful streets, the down-to-earth way of living and I was really surprised that accomodation and food are still quite cheap.
I'm preparing and looking for things to do, so if you have tips for nice shops, galleries, museums, let me know! I found this website OPORTOCOOL and next weekend already looks promising!

My city trip experience mostly relates to visiting capitals and larger cities and I also agree, you must have seen London, Paris, Berlin and New York at least once in you life but there are some less obvious and smaller cities that are very high on my to-go list for 2015.

First Graz, a city in southern Austria, I once passed there very brief hitchhiking to Croatia and since then I'm very curious about this city. Although Austria has not the most coolest reputation, Graz seems very interesting especially because it has some contemporary art and design background with Kunsthaus Graz and as UNESCO city of design.
Kunsthaus Graz
Bucharest, the capital of Romania has its role in many parts of history, from the early settlements in the Antiquity to the Ottoman Empire and more recent the establishment of communism and the end of it (more here). And today the city seems buzzing more than ever according to this article. The more I read about it, the more enthusiastic I get.
La Motoare (bar/social place) / photo by Mihai Ignat via Bucuresti Optimist
Nice pendant by La Designarie (concept store)

No, I never been to Copenhagen, oh shocking! as it is the walhalla for a design spotter.
I'm not going to sum up all the famous designers and labels that are originated in Denmark, but I would take this illustrated map to find my way and Caroline Gomez' destination booklet to guide me.
by Herb Lester Associates
Caroline Gomez : destination Copenhague


Oh my record : Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

Did you know the spoken advice in this song (from Romeo+Julia / Moulin Rouge / The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann) came from an essay by Mary Schmich written in 1997.