Report : A messy meal with Kinfolk

Last weekend it was Kinfolk time again. In about 25 countries like minded people were enjoying their messy meal, inspired by wabi sabi. Together with Annemarie, I organised and hosted the gathering in my hometown Ghent and I was so delighted to have met all these magnificent persons and to have shared this evening with them. Each time it is different, but it is for sure a special experience.

So many words of appreciation for SIR catering, the food was délicieux!
Thank you C'est party - Qualitea Time - Or coffee - KERK (location)
And merci Melissa Milis for the beautiful photography.
(and not to forget my friends who helped to put everything into place)


Design Joy : Design September / Victor Hunt / The Game / La Fabrika

In September I visited some locations of Design September in Brussels, during this month the whole city is infected with stylishness. For my tour I picked a few stops in the city center, mainly around the Dansaert neighbourhood and I finally got to visit Victor Hunt and also their brand new shop The Game.

Victor Hunt is, as they describe themselves, a designart dealer, conceptual and functional designs but (mainly) one-of-a-kind pieces. Their shop The Game is more accessible, as it should be for a shop, but with the well curated eyes of a designart dealer. The collection of items is less mainstream than what you see in most of the interior/design shops these days and I find it also a selection of more experimental designers.

We also stopped at Pimpinelle for the collaboration with San Pellegrino and at La Fabrika were Caroline Gomez filled the space with her distilled and craft designs during the design festival month.

A growing collection Lines & Waves by Tomas Alonso (everything fits perfectly!)

And the project Pierre et l'Amandier by Erika Muller (graphic designer), Nick Ballon (photographer) & Tomas Alonso (furniture designer)

plates by Faye Toogood - The Haphazard Harmony porcelain tableware of Maarten Baas - Leather Sun Clock by Lina Patsiou - Kantir (carafe) by Martin Azua - Enamel cups by Diario

LA FABRIKA - Caroline Gomez

PIMPINELLE x SAN PELLIGRINO - the glassware (in recognizable green) and plates designed by Aline Gerard (La table d'Aline) of Pimpinelle and the artisans of Segno Italiano