Family Ties

For some reason this drawing of Pop Pop Portraits/Helena reminds me of Family Ties (and it's not only the part that there are also 5 members in this family). I think it goes way back to my memories, oooh those good old mornings with Family Ties on... what would we do baby?

Besides sharing this : Wonderful drawings!


Magical Powers

These sculptures are breathtaking (the mermaid => sigh)! I first thought they were the size of a mantelpiece, but it seems of what I can see in the making-process (Japanese is not exactly my talent) they are full size. It also surprised me they were made of wood, because they are so smooth.

Living Legs

So much legs out there!


Drowned Eyes

These paintings immediately find my attention, the persons are staring at me. At first it's a bit frightening but they carry also a lot of emotions in them, very intriguing : Lu Cong.



Ever heard of

The Dress Project by Fort Makers
Naomi Clark worked with the fabrics as on a canvas and Lauren Nevada made dresses of it.
Very exclusive and so perfect!

Aren't they stunning?


Under the stars



(All stars, most of Christopher Kane found at Black Milk, Topshop, Oak, Rachel Roy, Totokaelo, Colette, Ssense)

A Cause of Art

This Italian accessoires-label came across my path a while ago, but it keeps on popping-up in my mind. The collars and necklaces are made out of latex or paper, very innovative and so perfect to make a simple outfit look more sofisticated.
Here you can find more information about the designers.

Take a look on the CoseAtre-blog


It's so easy to fall in love

These drawings on old paper are so simple but so strong. I think about a monk who draws all day in a dark, cold room with just enough daylight to let his hands work. When the monk drawed all day, Olivia Jeffries stopped and created these incredible forms.



Meet Ana Albero, coincidence (see an earlier post) or not she has a contribution in the Nobrow 4 Magazine.


Super Trooper

For me sunglasses were something to wear only on sunny summerdays, but lately this stereotype thinking of me is changing. And the ones from Super are perfect for all seasons. I especially like Lucia in Black with metal ears (uhu, the one you see in all the pictures)