Compilation : Triple Israel

3 Israelian talents

Walk by AnatDahari - Handmade leather shoes for women

PetiteMortShop by Julia Berg - Artisanal crochet jewellery

Yuval Azili - Artist/photographer (via + info)


Design History : Marcel Breuer

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Last Spring during my visit at Kröller-Müller museum in Arnhem (great art collection!), I paused and sat down on this very very comfortable chair. I recognized the design of the chair as it is a famous piece from the Bauhaus era, but I didn't know the designer. So this is what I know now : B3 Chair 'Wassily' by Marcel Breuer.
For me it's not THE most beautiful chair, but it definitely has the best sitting experience and I would love to read books in it!

More info: wiki - www.marcelbreuer.org

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B3 'Wassily' Chair, 1925
Stillman House II, Litchfield (Connecticut), 1964-1965

Marcel Breuer & Herbert Beckhard, University of Massachusetts, 1967-1970
Chrome-plated tubular steel & beechwood desk, 1932
Hooper House (together with Herbert Beckhard), Baltimore County (Maryland), 1960
The Breuer Cottage, Wellfleet (Massachusetts)
photo: Walter Sanders for LIFE
Mirror, 1930


Smile you're on Pinterest

I read somewhere an article about how 'we' (as in everyone having a profile on some kind of social media) show off everything as picture perfect. Especially scrolling through Pinterest gives you that feeling of the most perfect world. I always thought I just liked nice pictures and I still do, but the idea of picture perfect kept popping up in my mind and how will it infect the way we think or feel. And is it so that we try to have the most original and perfect lives? These are just some thoughts and if you search for Syria for example, most of what you get is not what it is today.

Another thought I had was 'How would it be to act as my Pinterest profile?' or 'How much of my profile can I live up to?'

I definitely want to experiment with this, let's say it's something for 2014 and resolutions.
But some people already documented their take on Pinterest Perfectness and it's not always the expected result: http://craftfail.com & http://pintester.com