New Artisans

I always fall for accessories with this kind of rough cut and textured leather. Leather at its best. Elena Iachi


Young Colossus

Perfect gift for myself, sadly enough I must have had discovered it months ago because now it's sold out... so so sad. - Young Colossus illustrated music by Orlando Weeks of The Maccabees and Robert Hunter.


Simple Lines

Again in love with nice illustrations. I hope I'll ever be this good in drawing so simple...
by Leslie A. Wood


Chocolate Mill

What a great idea, a chocolate mill to create chocolate flakes (mmmh delicious) and a changing range of patterns which appear when you eat more.



These prints by Von Sono seems like transparent or 3-dimensional but not at all crowded and also geometrical and a lot of different things, hard to describe. (love it)


A Kinfolker

Kinfolk, it almost can't get better than this... beautiful concept, sweet content and a simple, stunning lay-out. I bought n° 2 and 3 on my vacation. We found them in Portland (OR) in the beautiful store Beam & Anchor , where you could spend hours just with looking, a very inspiring day it was.