Compilation : Memphis

Memphis Milano flickr (© www.memphis-milano.org)
I wanted to make this compilation inspired by the Memphis group months ago, the file on my desktop was filled with links and images, but it just never happened, the timing was not right I guess and then time passed by (oh so poetical) and... . But with the presentation of So Sottsass at Darkroom in London (and again : oooooww bummer I won't to see this for real..) and thanks to Sight Unseen (one of my favourite websites E.V.E.R, one of the few who's text I actually read and not only scroll through the images) as the greatest prophet of the whole Memphis revival since years, it eventually had to happen. And yes I'm absolutely a groupie of the Memphis group, who would have something against more colour and a return of 80's funky fun?

Totem lights, Jamie Julien-Brown
Dagmar Rousset
Una Libreria, Teste di Legno
Labt x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Village Life, Natasha Durley
Proenza Schouler x Thomas Murphy
Oceanic table light, Michele De Lucchi x Ellie Andrews
Kora vase, Studio Pepe x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Wrap 8 Martin Nicolausson x Nathalie Du Pasquier 
Secret World, Andrew Groves
Darkroom London

Proenza Schouler AW13 x Ettore Sottsass
Henrik Vibskov limited edition lighting x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Labt x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Jamie Julien-Brown x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Matteo Thun x Duckie, Matt Merkel-Hess x Nathalie Du Pasquier
So Sottsass, Darkroom cushions
links : Memphis-Milano webshop / Darkroom London / Studio Pepe (these great Kora vases in a special edition) / Proenza Schouler / Jamie Julien-Brown / Labt / Peter Shire / Eley Kishimoto - Ben Wilson / Fredrik Paulsen / Martin Nicolausson / Dagmar Rousset / Will Bryant & Eric Trine / Paola Petrobelli / Sylvain Willenz / Teste Di Legno / Tim Colmant

Background patterns by Nathalie Du Pasquier at Patternbank
And also this : 80's ART - Karl Lagerfeld's Memphis collection


Design Joy : London Design Week

London is preparing for the top of the top in design and since I went to my first Design week (Milan) in April, I'm longing for more of this. The atmosphere in Milan was so energetic and the amount of beautiful things presented there was just too much for 1 to take. Result : I returned with a suitcase full of brochures (yes, I was very selective), muscle aches in my arms of carrying all that stuff and in my legs of running around like crazy just to see as much as possible.
Ever since, I want to be part of more design buzz. But probably it won't be for very soon (I already travelled too much the past 6 months), but luckily there is this Wallpaper-selection to make an imaginary preparation of where I would go...

Besides the V&A & Designjunction, I would definitely check out this new side brand of Hay : Wrong for Hay (as this first image looks promising to me)


Try It Out : Preserving the Season

I am still smiling and getting all enthousiastic about my previous (and also first) experience with the Kinfolk events, so here's the sequel. September is all about harvesting vegetables and preparing for colder times, this event is fully dedicated to fill up your kitchen cabinets with healthy food to guide you trough Winter. Jam making, preserving vegetables and pickling other veggies, and all this on a joyful Sunday :) (29th).
This time the event in Belgium takes place in Antwerp (or you can find one closer to you in different cities all over the world) : go here to find more information or to buy your lucky ticket.

photo by Trinette Reed


Smile you're on Pinterest

I thought this one is very hilarious. I'm not sure if I get the purpose right and it might be my level of humor as well, but it made me think of a woman getting highlights at the hairdresser.


Compilation : Swarming

Tomas Libertiny - The Honeycomb Vase, 2007
After the honeyday in July (Kinfolk workshop), August is officialy the bee month for me (it's too hot today so let's act as it is still August). I can't help myself but everything with bees just draws my attention.

So here we have a compilation of beehive design collaborations inspired by the Parisian metro posters of the just ended exhibition Alive in Espace Fondation EDF.

Tomas Libertiny - Aganetha Dyck - Dewar's Highlander Honey (which seems "influenced" by Tomas Libertiny's work)

At the end of September I'll organise again a Kinfolk workshop, mark down the 29th.
Aganetha Dyck - The Extended Wedding Party (photo Peter Dyck & The W.A.G.)

3B-printing project for Dewar's Highlander Honey (+ image below)

Aganetha Dyck - Walking Closet (+image below) (photo : Peter Dyck)

Dewar's 3B-printing

Tomas Libertiny - Vessel#2, 2011