It's time again for some art history.. I bumped into these amazing watercolor paintings from Walton Ford in a promotion booklet of Taschen (Walton Ford - Pancha Tantra).

(check the titles in the upper corners and the stigma at the white bull :))


With Character

Neon letters who once made whole words or sentences in big cities are reduced (or reused) into singular lighting pieces. So, give me a C from Finnish brand Character and also from my surname. I also like the form of a small 'a' or a capital R..

For sale at FinnishDesignShop


Cats in bags

Upcycled suitcases for our dearest friends :). Also hilarious that the cats pose so well...

For sale at AtomicAttic

via here



Knitted sweaters and dresses from Warmi, please can you fill the upcoming winter with joyfulness.

Love the birds on it and the way the sleeves are knitted..


Autumn Butterfly

If I would buy new chairs, I'd choose Butterfly from Ercol! I love (most) of their traditional designs and the softened bold structures in solid wood..

Also amaaaazing :) Donna Wilson embellished some of their chairs for Design September in La Fabrika, (Brussels).


Let's toast

Ok, summer is over and I also think the aftershock of hotness will end soon. I took a break, no excuse for that but the same as always : I've been busy.

I started this blog almost a year ago with the video of Kanye West which he made in Prague for his latest album. As you may know but probably not : I'm a big fan of Kanye!
I believe in his talent :) but this wasn't expected...

Change of craft : A FASHION SHOW in Paris... who had this seen coming? And if you ask me, I think he did very very well...

(shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti)