Nailed by Ninja's

So FUN ! To discover the Ninja in you or to expres your fashionsense underneath a burqa?

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Serene Surrealism

The drawings, artworks, of Kristian Jones are so simple, but each one tells a whole story. A child with some objects, you can fill in a personal background of the image and of the person. And sometimes there's an alienating touch, with a floating ball or a little spooky figure... it exudes a tranquility that just makes keep on watching.


At the surface

VPL started with a simple concept of underwear that, instead is being hidden, becomes a visible layer. Very interesting background
(read it here) .
I especially like the geometric forms which are used in the outerunderwear. And also the pastel colours..
But I have my doubts with the support of the bra ..., anyone experienced it :)?

Besides the lingerie they have a great online shop with nice dresses, other clothing and shoes...



Susan Dwyer of 'up in the air somewhere' creates some of the most simple and attractive ceramics. These vases and vessels and cups and bowls and ... based on indurstrial buildings and are made without a mold which makes them even more special and unique.
She also makes objects and you never would have guessed it was
out of paper..


Controlled explosion

These are quite amazing, the organic forms, the texture, the combination of colours. Just like living funguses in 3D but than on paper. Nice work! Julie Evans...




The most beautiful maps and map inspired items in the world! Some made the map a more esthetic than practical object and the others created something starting from the esthetics of a map.
Conclusion maps are always beautiful :)




What's not to love in the collections of Jaclyn Mayer, jewellery designer for her brand Orly Genger. It made me think of constructions of insects (like a caddisfly, it builds a house of little stones in the water, with some home-made silicones :)). Or a cocoon, well packed in rope ...

also nice : art in collaboration with caddisflies from Hubert Duprat




It's time again for some art history.. I bumped into these amazing watercolor paintings from Walton Ford in a promotion booklet of Taschen (Walton Ford - Pancha Tantra).

(check the titles in the upper corners and the stigma at the white bull :))


With Character

Neon letters who once made whole words or sentences in big cities are reduced (or reused) into singular lighting pieces. So, give me a C from Finnish brand Character and also from my surname. I also like the form of a small 'a' or a capital R..

For sale at FinnishDesignShop


Cats in bags

Upcycled suitcases for our dearest friends :). Also hilarious that the cats pose so well...

For sale at AtomicAttic

via here



Knitted sweaters and dresses from Warmi, please can you fill the upcoming winter with joyfulness.

Love the birds on it and the way the sleeves are knitted..


Autumn Butterfly

If I would buy new chairs, I'd choose Butterfly from Ercol! I love (most) of their traditional designs and the softened bold structures in solid wood..

Also amaaaazing :) Donna Wilson embellished some of their chairs for Design September in La Fabrika, (Brussels).


Let's toast

Ok, summer is over and I also think the aftershock of hotness will end soon. I took a break, no excuse for that but the same as always : I've been busy.

I started this blog almost a year ago with the video of Kanye West which he made in Prague for his latest album. As you may know but probably not : I'm a big fan of Kanye!
I believe in his talent :) but this wasn't expected...

Change of craft : A FASHION SHOW in Paris... who had this seen coming? And if you ask me, I think he did very very well...

(shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti)


Pink roof

A Japanese House :) !


The Good China

Wonderful, his take on the traditional ornaments of a Western home, it makes the kitsch less..
A contemporary Marcel Duchamp.

Chad Wys


Topaz smile

This kid made me smile today, sitting between those big golden topazes :)


in Sacramento

I'm in love with a magazine (with different ones actually), but this one really charmed me : Apartamento
(and I believe I'm not the only one)
Common stories of creative and interesting people about there work and were they live. I first met with issue 6 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still not finished reading it. It's perfect for a (train) journey. I recently bought number 7 and I really look forward to read it... I can only recommend!


Berlin was great! A lot of Frühstück and hanging around... But
do you know the scandinavian Henrik Vibskov? I have the feeling he's not a complete stranger ;). He does many different jobs at once but all with great style. Art projects next to a clothing line and also some graphic prints. I think he's my newborn heroe..

Boutique - Prints - Blog - Projects - ...


Ich bin ein Berliner

I'm off to Berlin, hurray finally.
To let you enjoy with some music : an Australian Belgian or vice versa. If you didn't already knew it before, I still love it after two weeks.

Thanks to Miss Moss..


Art History

Very interesting multi artist (movie, photography, prints, writing, ...) with a noble background and also l'enfant terrible of the Swedish art scene : Carl Johan de Geer.
He recently designed notebooks with patterns for Pocket Shop.
My knowledge of previous periods and subcultures is not very great, but it reminds me of the Sex Pistols and the punk scene...


Potpourri : the silkroad

I tried a new way of showing different things in one post => collages. What do you think?
I love the sneakers of Russy Valenki, the beautiful scarfs of 1984 and Hugo&Marie.
And these photographs of Aaron Ruell and Erik Almas fit in the theme.


Hey folks!

I'm neglecting you these days, but there's so much going on ... and it's summer even though you wouldn't say.
To make it up : a triple chain-reaction, completely by accidence (also on my tumblr)
(each images inspires me on a different way)


Family scarf

Silk scarves by Bernard Faucon. He is a famous French photographer and artist and is exhibited around the world.
For this collection he used photos out of his series 'Les grandes vacances' and 'Chambres d'amour'.

How great would it be to wear a picture of yourself around your neck? And what would you choose? I would love to have a scarf of the wedding of my parents ...


Paper sculptures

With every single piece I think : 'How is this possible?' and it crossed my mind several times over and over again *
If you want to know how many sheets of paper are used or to have the same experience : Kylie Stillman


Burning sand

The project of Markus Kayser was made in his MA degree at the Royal College of Art in London. His concept is so interesting, just check the vimeo...



The perfect mix between illustration and fashion. I love to pronounce her name and oh I love her designs so...
Here's Tsumori Chisato for you!


Ever heard of

Painting Reality, a project by IEPE & the anonymous crew. They performed in 2010 at Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz a real painting brushed by cars...


I already showed some of her clothing in a previous post (I'm still into dyeing, more results to come) and now she deserves full attention with the F/W11 : Raquel Allegra

You can buy her clothing on one of my favourite webshops : Totokaelo or on Net-a-porter


Swimming in the rain

Super tight patterns with Mara Hoffman Resort Swim 2011.


Architect's desk

Just a little over budget, but the most perfect desk (by Hans Wegner) in the world ... or there's probably also another one.


Something very something

3 different designs
4 colours (natural brown, dark brown, camel, waxed black)
4 selling points
and much more
= etwasbags


365 Days of Make-Up

Dutch Duo Lernert & Sander explore the urge for cosmetic overkill...

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on Nowness.com.


Flapping Fox

I do not mean to advertise, but this promotion film is stunning (and I couldn't embed the code), so click the image.


Gemnasia pt 1

As a kid I was obsessed with gemstones and now I still am fascinated by the glittering and shimmering, all made by nature. I find it really inspiring...


Paper Goods

It's been almost a week ago, shame on me, but I'm preparing a huge post about gemstones...
For now you can enjoy paper.
Home goods in recycled paper looks good! by dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp.



Absolute nice colours and volumes in Michael Angel Resort 2012 and it seems the model had so much fun, it's a cute way of modelling, she radiates an endearing childlike attitude.



Advanced music

These pictures of Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 are so rad!
(shot by Tim Barber)


Extinct Living

I don't like every piece on their website but some of them are superb!
The jewellery of Species by the Thousands.


Changing diversity

I immediately wanted all of her books, a painting on my wall and the dresses from Marimekko. I love the work of Jenni Rope !


In her shoes

I love these pictures and ... her shoes!


Yummy in my tummy

Yummy animation/illustration/designs from Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer.
= Yum Yum

I'd love to play the scenario of a robbery with the kung fu granny, she would definitely kick ass.


Let's hike ...

I put a lot of links on my dashboard with the meaning to share them. But sometimes there's an overload. Perfect for a sunday-evening of hiking trough the net and perfect to do some swiping... Enjoy!


Fluo Ceramics

Maison Sauvage, I didn't find a lot of information on their website. It's a German ceramic studio (what a shame they chose a french name, I like the german language so much :)) established by Nicole Mueller.
But I don't need more information if you can see these beautiful ceramic forms. Theirs already too much blablablablalallalblaabla....



Very soft and beautiful illustrations/paper jewellery/art from Anna Gleeson, a HongKong/Tokyo/Sydney based artist. I love the giant paper earrings.


What I'd like to be

My post aren't as frequence anymore. I'm doing, next to my job, an internship at a magazine, so there's less time to look for interesting stuff and also less time to prepare new posts.
But then there are 2 posts almost at the same time (and almost about the same topic). I hope you like his work as much as I do.

I saw Bruno Munari in a catalogue of an auction house (pba). I especially loved the childrens book drawings he made, so I wanted to share these too. (I couldn't find them on the internet, so I photographed them. I hope I won't break laws by doing this, please warn me if I do!)

Art History

I just discovered the work of Bruno Munari (never too late to learn), what an immense archive and diversity of work and almost every single piece would fit in my living room, bedroom or ... everywhere. I think it's possible to make a blog only about his work. I'm just totally excited :).
Please share my feelings ....


Duo Winner

I do a lot of comparing. Music, illustrations, art, ...
When I see something that does remind me of something I saw before, I link it (very normal).
It's not that I find one better than the other, or it isn't about like-minded artists who obtain to the same result (sometimes it can be).
I just like to compare and to put the images next to each other...
Following the ChainReaction and with some similarities to celebrities who wear the same clothes, the comparing of visual likewise art.