Nailed by Ninja's

So FUN ! To discover the Ninja in you or to expres your fashionsense underneath a burqa?

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Serene Surrealism

The drawings, artworks, of Kristian Jones are so simple, but each one tells a whole story. A child with some objects, you can fill in a personal background of the image and of the person. And sometimes there's an alienating touch, with a floating ball or a little spooky figure... it exudes a tranquility that just makes keep on watching.


At the surface

VPL started with a simple concept of underwear that, instead is being hidden, becomes a visible layer. Very interesting background
(read it here) .
I especially like the geometric forms which are used in the outerunderwear. And also the pastel colours..
But I have my doubts with the support of the bra ..., anyone experienced it :)?

Besides the lingerie they have a great online shop with nice dresses, other clothing and shoes...