The Basket : HUMANOID

A favourite brand for a favourite season. Dutch clothing label Humanoid makes me longing for autumn! Their clothing is so cosy and comfy. Oh yes for me all autumn and winter a total Humanoid look!
And if you ever visit Arnhem (a very lovely and creative city in eastern Netherlands), the Humanoid/concept store is really a must-see shop to do.



Top of the Pile : No Bees, No Life

I'm completely into bees and honey since the Kinfolk workshop and this seems like a nice book which tells the story of second generation beekeeper Andrew Wyszynski in Poland and his Maya Sunny Honey (a 100% raw honey).

No Bees, No Life by Zé Studio
via thisispaper


Eye See : Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

I'm following this Seattle based design duo for a while now and I must say the newest items are stunning. The objects are a combination of ornament and function with a fresh vintage touch. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is just delicious! (above: Aura chimes) © Photos : Charlie Schuck & L&G Studio

Ovis lounge chair
Mirage shelving
Maru hand mirror
Ovis hanging chair
Maru lighting
Mirage tables


Design History : Poul Kjærholm

For me Poul Kjærholm was an unfamiliar Danish design name, but I surely do recognise some of his designs. Definitely one to remember and get to know better. More info here.
Photo: arcspace (from exhibition movie) - Poul Kjærholm in PK24 chaise longue

 Photo: arcspace
Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen 
 Photo: arcspace
Photo courtesy Louisiana Museum


Top of the Pile : Wild Animals

I'm not spending much time online lately. The summer in Belgium (and France) was super until now, warm weather all the time, so that explains why. But I'm actually really busy with eating frozen yoghurt (my favourite : natural sweetened with stevia in combination with oreo's and strawberries) and drinking rosé wine (this years drink of my summer :)).

Back to the books. This one is more or less a recent 'classic' and a favourite of mine since very long. I was in the Netherlands and found it a good opportunity to buy it in it's country of origin : Wilde Dieren by Rop van Mierlo. The drawings are just sooo good and it looks very easy, but I think it's very difficult to achieve this result in watercolouring and characterize the animal that well. I find it one of the best illustrated books of the last couple of years.

There are more typical 'Rop van Mierlo' drawings featured on his website. (check it out)