Top of the Pile : Wild Animals

I'm not spending much time online lately. The summer in Belgium (and France) was super until now, warm weather all the time, so that explains why. But I'm actually really busy with eating frozen yoghurt (my favourite : natural sweetened with stevia in combination with oreo's and strawberries) and drinking rosé wine (this years drink of my summer :)).

Back to the books. This one is more or less a recent 'classic' and a favourite of mine since very long. I was in the Netherlands and found it a good opportunity to buy it in it's country of origin : Wilde Dieren by Rop van Mierlo. The drawings are just sooo good and it looks very easy, but I think it's very difficult to achieve this result in watercolouring and characterize the animal that well. I find it one of the best illustrated books of the last couple of years.

There are more typical 'Rop van Mierlo' drawings featured on his website. (check it out)


  1. Anonymous12.8.13

    Wat mooi! Die beer!

    1. ik blijf het ook geweldig mooi vinden, steeds opnieuw :)