Idle hands

Wash your hands with these doll hands (:made me smile:)



What do you think of this? These pictures look if they are from past ages!

Husband and wife Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison constructed these photographs with darkroom techniques and mixed-media.
Very surreal and alienating..

(via here)


Dutch Design

How much do I love these!
I found the ceramics of Lenneke Wispelwey on a sort of craft/design fair last week.
(it's called De Invasie (=the invasion))



The Fern Collection of Conroy&Wilcox


Ever heard of

Supermarket Sarah, I met this phenomena a couple of years ago. it's a wonderful way of selling stuff and to put artist in a spotlight. I can spend a lot of time here by clicking each item and everything looks so exclusive over there!


In your face

Portraits out of books to promote the Dutch Book Week, this years theme is (auto)-biography.
By CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature) found here.


Masks on

Stacey Rozich

I saw her work in a small ad in Uppercase-magazine... do I need to say more about it?

Coincidence or not, it's the perfect timing for this post, I don't want to relate these amazing illustrations to the feast it nowadays is (surely where I live, you don't want to be related to it), but are you celebrating carnival and how?


Something Blue

There's again something beautiful to share, too much worthy things exist! Luckily a scroll can be endless .. or almost.

This time : Trzybulska Ceramics, it's Polish and there is a quote of Haruki Murakami* (very known Japanese autor) on the page, two reasons to explore the blog. I like the use of similar squares filled with different objects. Small artworks on their one but also a part of one entity.

* Since the big disaster in Japan, I notice how many things are Japanese, so many beautiful things especially.


Ever heard of

The pictures of Anthony Vaccarello S/S 11 collection caught my eye, and with a little research I found his collection Fall 11 ready-to-wear. I like the see-through patterns and the architectural forms. I don't really know for sure if I would wear it ...


One flew over

Daniel Frost, an 'image maker', drawed these simple but distinctive people, to make kites of it and had an exhibition  'The Big Kite Show'. 
Can you imagine, the large bellied guy flying above your head?

Far far away

Pantone Bikes - Abici Italia

Granturismo Donna - Abici Italia

Marie - Achielle

Poppy Hybrid Bike - Pashley

I only would add a backseat and a basket ...