Susan Dwyer of 'up in the air somewhere' creates some of the most simple and attractive ceramics. These vases and vessels and cups and bowls and ... based on indurstrial buildings and are made without a mold which makes them even more special and unique.
She also makes objects and you never would have guessed it was
out of paper..


Controlled explosion

These are quite amazing, the organic forms, the texture, the combination of colours. Just like living funguses in 3D but than on paper. Nice work! Julie Evans...




The most beautiful maps and map inspired items in the world! Some made the map a more esthetic than practical object and the others created something starting from the esthetics of a map.
Conclusion maps are always beautiful :)




What's not to love in the collections of Jaclyn Mayer, jewellery designer for her brand Orly Genger. It made me think of constructions of insects (like a caddisfly, it builds a house of little stones in the water, with some home-made silicones :)). Or a cocoon, well packed in rope ...

also nice : art in collaboration with caddisflies from Hubert Duprat