Lost Pigeon

Right now, TRACK is going on in my hometown, Ghent. Everywhere in the city you can spot art projects, it's like all the city became a huge museum. One of the projects is the poster below. Try it out ..


To read and to enjoy

To make my trip in Frisco last longer...


Babel Speech

I'm speachless by these gorgeous pictures from the farm house with guest suites : Babylonstoren (Cape Winelands, South Africa). I want to go there immediately, taste everything and experience that atmosphere...


Back on the road again

I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and back again with a lot of refreshing energy!
It was a beautiful trip with a lot of rain and laughing.(... and cooking with a superb swiss knife.)

We use it everyday repeatedly, a knive, and actually without much appreciation. The cutlery shop Lorenzi must have had this thought (already since 1919 in Corso Magenta) and presents a beautiful ode to this tool.

The exhibition is perfectly composed by Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara di Pinto from Studiopepe, pictures by Andrea Ferrari

And yes I would definitely say yes to this '4 in 1' knive.