in Sacramento

I'm in love with a magazine (with different ones actually), but this one really charmed me : Apartamento
(and I believe I'm not the only one)
Common stories of creative and interesting people about there work and were they live. I first met with issue 6 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still not finished reading it. It's perfect for a (train) journey. I recently bought number 7 and I really look forward to read it... I can only recommend!


Berlin was great! A lot of Frühstück and hanging around... But
do you know the scandinavian Henrik Vibskov? I have the feeling he's not a complete stranger ;). He does many different jobs at once but all with great style. Art projects next to a clothing line and also some graphic prints. I think he's my newborn heroe..

Boutique - Prints - Blog - Projects - ...


Ich bin ein Berliner

I'm off to Berlin, hurray finally.
To let you enjoy with some music : an Australian Belgian or vice versa. If you didn't already knew it before, I still love it after two weeks.

Thanks to Miss Moss..


Art History

Very interesting multi artist (movie, photography, prints, writing, ...) with a noble background and also l'enfant terrible of the Swedish art scene : Carl Johan de Geer.
He recently designed notebooks with patterns for Pocket Shop.
My knowledge of previous periods and subcultures is not very great, but it reminds me of the Sex Pistols and the punk scene...


Potpourri : the silkroad

I tried a new way of showing different things in one post => collages. What do you think?
I love the sneakers of Russy Valenki, the beautiful scarfs of 1984 and Hugo&Marie.
And these photographs of Aaron Ruell and Erik Almas fit in the theme.


Hey folks!

I'm neglecting you these days, but there's so much going on ... and it's summer even though you wouldn't say.
To make it up : a triple chain-reaction, completely by accidence (also on my tumblr)
(each images inspires me on a different way)


Family scarf

Silk scarves by Bernard Faucon. He is a famous French photographer and artist and is exhibited around the world.
For this collection he used photos out of his series 'Les grandes vacances' and 'Chambres d'amour'.

How great would it be to wear a picture of yourself around your neck? And what would you choose? I would love to have a scarf of the wedding of my parents ...