Compilation : Swarming

Tomas Libertiny - The Honeycomb Vase, 2007
After the honeyday in July (Kinfolk workshop), August is officialy the bee month for me (it's too hot today so let's act as it is still August). I can't help myself but everything with bees just draws my attention.

So here we have a compilation of beehive design collaborations inspired by the Parisian metro posters of the just ended exhibition Alive in Espace Fondation EDF.

Tomas Libertiny - Aganetha Dyck - Dewar's Highlander Honey (which seems "influenced" by Tomas Libertiny's work)

At the end of September I'll organise again a Kinfolk workshop, mark down the 29th.
Aganetha Dyck - The Extended Wedding Party (photo Peter Dyck & The W.A.G.)

3B-printing project for Dewar's Highlander Honey (+ image below)

Aganetha Dyck - Walking Closet (+image below) (photo : Peter Dyck)

Dewar's 3B-printing

Tomas Libertiny - Vessel#2, 2011

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