Design Joy : London Design Week

London is preparing for the top of the top in design and since I went to my first Design week (Milan) in April, I'm longing for more of this. The atmosphere in Milan was so energetic and the amount of beautiful things presented there was just too much for 1 to take. Result : I returned with a suitcase full of brochures (yes, I was very selective), muscle aches in my arms of carrying all that stuff and in my legs of running around like crazy just to see as much as possible.
Ever since, I want to be part of more design buzz. But probably it won't be for very soon (I already travelled too much the past 6 months), but luckily there is this Wallpaper-selection to make an imaginary preparation of where I would go...

Besides the V&A & Designjunction, I would definitely check out this new side brand of Hay : Wrong for Hay (as this first image looks promising to me)

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