Chain reaction : Metal x Leather

It's time for some updates. Almost 2 weeks (time flies) ago I went to de Invasie, a design fair for upcoming talent particularly from Belgium and a bit from the Netherlands. Since 3 years a group of enthousiastics organises these fairs + activities. This Sunday in March it was held in a former etnographic museum in Antwerp with work of over 70 designers. This is a very short introduction for a large and great event with a lot of visitors, mostly interesting designs and an admirable initiative of very dedicated volunteers :), make sure to take a look on their webshop.
I saw this beautiful magazine rack made from a metal frame + leather (George & Georgette by studio Woot Woot, also in white+nude, ...) and it led to this blogpost.

I really love the simplicity of these designs made out of cold metal frames in contrast with the warmth of a natural product like a rough wood or the structure/softness of leather or wool.

The chairs : Maarten Van Severen for Pastoe - Marni - Studio Brichet Ziegler - Fuchila chair by Manrina Dragomirova

Foldable : Banquinho by Adaism - Leather Butterfly Chair 

Garza Marfa

One Forty Three

Other : Wooden bike handles by Thibaut Malet - metal frame + choose your own tabletop Tick - U Candleholder by Minimalux - Retrowire plant stands by Amsterdam Modern - wall unit by Killian Schindler

This can continue endlessly, so here are the extras : 1 - 2 - 3

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