Art History

Try it : type in Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in google images and you get 216 000 (or sometimes 229 000 or ...) interesting visuals. He was a Hungarian/American painter, photographer, designer and taught at Bauhaus school in Weimar, influenced by constructivism and representative of industry and technology into the arts. To me he seems also a precursor of the absurd collages which you see everywhere nowadays. I made a small selection out of his huge oeuvre with a preference for his photographs and installations. By coincidence I discovered Wikipaintings where you have the application 'Artworks Chronologically' which gives a good view of the evolution of an artist's work. I could spend all day checking this.
(source : wikipedia)

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  1. altijd al een fan geweest van Laszlo. Heb een tijdje geleden een mini-biografie proberen schrijven over zijn grafisch werk... http://www.iconofgraphics.com/