Watch Fetish

I admit, I have a fetish for watches (and sunglasses). Already when I was younger I had 3 watches, a cheap  thing, one I got when I went 12 (which I have to find back because in my mind it's still adorable) and one I won by entering a competition and it was very cool :).

These days I just own 2 watches, again a cheap one (5 pounds for Japanese gold) from a second hand market in London and one for my 20th (or so) birthday. So obviously I doesn't need a new one very urgent but if I could win a third one it may be one of these ... and I found my pick : Nixon Mellor watch.. cut leather and simple but modern watch.

Watches from my all time favourite Nixon - timepieces of art Issey Miyake - Danish Design - March LA.B - Tempo - Piaget (love the moon cycle)


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