The Basket : Ode to Things

Ode to Things is a new online shop specialized in pure and well-designed kitchen and tableware. It's not very cheap, but it all are things to invest in.

I love that they have the Japanese tea (or to preserve other dry things) cans in copper and brass. Copper is perfect to use in the kitchen because of its antibacterial effect and the cans get more beautiful when aged. These are from the brand Syuro, who produce a wide range of handmade items in wood, leather, copper, .... all in a perfect Japanese minimalism.
A while ago I also crossed the folder of another brand Kaikado, they have similar caddies in a wider range with over 130 years of experience. On their website is a lot of information and they also show the really cool aging process after 10 years, 20 years and even 40 years for the different materials (brass, copper, tin).
I think I'll start saving and start a collection, with hopefully after 10 years a collection of different ages.


  1. Anonymous19.11.13

    Wow, they have some great stuff!

    1. Yes! great for the holidays, I want it all :)