Top of the Pile : Magazines

I really can enjoy a well curated magazine. Quite often I discover new publications and some of them are good enough and could exist longer than 3 issues (which depends on financing more or less) and others don't make a large enough difference and disappear again. I believe the 3 discussed below are stayers and keepers!

Apartamento #12, I'm hooked since I read my first one (it was n°6). It's the perfect literature for a train travel (the Belgian railway catchphrase 'the train is always a bit of traveling') and I actually read the texts. I like the interviews with those one-of-a-kind people and their often extravagant interiors and the comic with that mouse :).
Nowadays you can find your copy in most newsstands as in a lot of concept stores as well.

Frankie issue 55
Also a familiar one and their distribution has been fine-tuned as well. A couple of years ago you couldn't find any copy in Europe except for London and now it's for sale everywhere and that's just great! They have a good selection of illustration, enterprising/surprising people and DIY's.
This is already an older copy, I bought it a couple of months ago and I really like the illustration on the cover by Emily Winfield Martin, who also illustrated the cover of Frankie's calendar.

Thisispaper Inaugural issue : YAY! the best of the best curated website, I'm very very happy with this one, a beautiful distilled publication with an interesting and inspiring content (interviews with Studio Formafantasma, Faye Toogood, Studio Glithero, ...)


  1. Anonymous19.1.14

    Oh tijdschriften... als ik veel geld (en tijd!) had zou ik echt maandelijks een heel stapeltje aanschaffen. Deze 3 heb ik nog niet uitgetest, vooral die laatste ziet er interessant uit!

    1. Thisispaper is echt de moeite, een hele mooie uitgave. Inderdaad de bankrekening wil niet altijd mee, ik zou anders ook veeeel abonnementen hebben :)