Top of the Pile : The Kinfolk Table

I finally laid my hands on this beautiful book The Kinfolk Table. Last October, together with Joy of Little Things' Annemarie, we hosted the corresponding dinner in Antwerp. I had a quick look back then, but now I'm giving it the attention it deserves.

The Kinfolk Table is more than an ordinary cookbook, Nathan Williams (co-founder of Kinfolk) gives an insight in the kitchens and lives of the community which Kinfolk became over the years. He tells their stories and shares their favourite recipes. It's definitely a book to lay on your coffee table and let it fill your quiet moments with homely coziness.

And also some new, the Kinfolk story in Belgium goes on as well. Our next dinner is planned on the 17th of May in Antwerp, but it's already sold out (that went really quick). The dinner will take place in 21 places in several different countries, all at the same day with the theme L'Esprit de la Mer. Check if your home country is participating and book your ticket here.

(Milan-report is coming up...)

I was eating some almonds with acacia honey, mmmmh :)

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