Design Joy : Toys

These days a design brand has to have a kids collection and of course it includes toys. I think toys are for all ages, especially these ones, they bring joy and fun to your space and life.
Some of the following things I saw in Milan and I filled it up with items I came across during my endless strolls of online window shopping.

Blocks in Milan

Archetoys & CarTools block set by Floris Hovers for Magis
Different vehicle types handcrafted and produced by remains of Magis products and a wooden block set based on car forms to build your own.

Vitra owns Alexander Girard's inheritance, great news, now we can enjoy these fun designs again!

BAWA, a multifunctional design, table-storage-toy-in-one

Shapemaker by Miller Goodman, wooden blocks for 'drawing' and building

Iconic Toys

16 Animali by Enzo Mari, each year a limited edition of 200-300 boxes of pure fun is edited by Danese Milano (oooooh yes I want this)

And the expression of the wooden animals by Kay Bojesen is just fantastic, edited by Rosendahl

More Animals

Handmade birds by a fair trade network of knitters in Bolivia, Various Projects by Elisabeth Beer & Brian Janusiak is also the duo behind this concept in New York: Project No.8

The beautiful wooden figurines by Ostheimer (horrible website, but great product :)!)