Top of the Pile : New Mags on the Block

The past few months a lot of new magazines were born (how is it possible/where do they come from!). Just when I thought I was up-to-date in magazine land, new ones turn up (or older ones I just discovered). These I would love to read or turn the pages of in the future.

Golly / "Think of Golly as a worldly friend with impeccable taste and razor-sharp wit."

NOT TODAY / "Maybe, what we can do or think of today will never be enough, or we are too lazy to even start today."

Nourished Journal / "We believe in taking a holistic view on life, Nourished's content is as comprehensive as it is diverse."

Freckled(online only) / "We hope to inspire the desire to create art and to appreciate our surroundings"

Endless / "We are the trip family. We are traveling around the world and let you be part of our experience."

Hole & Corner / "Continuing in our quest to bring you stories of dedication, craft, beauty, passion and skill.."

Tiny Atlas Quarterly (online with printed annual)"It's the hired guns showing you how we like to do things. It's the kids dance at the end of Dirty Dancing."

Perdiz / "A survival manual without magic formulae"

The Alpine Review / "The Alpine Review is a compendium of ideas for a world in transition."