Let's get informative

I'm back for now. I wasn't much into updating this blog and I decided to make some changes to it. This 'project' is just a thing for archiving and sharing my personal inspirations and interests. But in time things change and I feel like evolving to another approach. It's very vague and maybe you'll notice, maybe you won't. I'm not planning to be more professional or so, you'll see.

Where did I go the past few weeks? I visited Jordan, which was really a beautiful trip. This country has the best of the best to offer in heritage and also nature wise. There are just too many beautiful things.
Just google : Dana, Petra, Jerash, Madaba, Red Sea corals, ... and then the people, sooo friendly and their culture, so interesting.
Not yet convinced?

I brought back some extra kilo's of rocks and overpriced souvenirs, hand picked, carefully chosen and assembled into still lifes.

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