Try It Out : Honey Harvest

Since the beginning of the magazine I've been intrigued by Kinfolk's way of promoting a very appealing live with good food, friends and ment-to-be conversations. Their dinner parties seemed like a perfect spot to be, so I showed my interest of organising similar activities in Belgium. And now here we are with the good news, the gatherings (as they are called), went global.. Hurray hurray hurray

The first one I'll organise is the visit to a beekeeper and a workshop of honey infusions with herbs and spices. And all of this will happen in my hometown Ghent at the 13th of July in the beautiful nature reserve Bourgoyen.
(Keep your eye on this page if you are interested in being my guest :), I hope to see you there!)
photo by Leo Patrone via Kinfolk


  1. Hello Suzy, I just wanted to say good luck with the Kinfolk workshop. I just hosted the Kinfolk Butcher Block event in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago and it was great fun. I love honey but unfortunately have a prior commitment that day so won't be able to join you. Enjoy!

  2. Hey Annemarie, I saw it too that you organised a workshop in Antwerp, but I was already too late. That's great another Kinfolk-enthousiast in Belgium, we have to unite :)!