Top of the Pile : Books as souvenirs

I wanted to show these treasures for a long time now, meanwhile they are already an established part of my shelves but I brought them back from some summer trips I did and I think books probably are the best souvenirs! For instance they give you a good memory of the city or shop you bought it, you can read/enjoy it during your holiday or when you are required to wait  and then the memory of carrying too much books with you (in my case, this happens) can give some good stories afterwards. There are tons of reasons I could think off..they last longer than clothes (yep, said it :)), they fill your home with some extra wisdom and the best reason of all what's more lovely than spending time, discovering and picking your favourite in a (second hand) book shops?

Here are my discoveries
Papillon d'Europe et du Monde : I found this one in Agen (FR), just passing by a magazine shop, (more like a newsagent plus upgrade) and they had this gorgeous butterflybook with copper sides and  drawings from the 19th century on sale. The vendor sold it with a bit of sadness but I think he was happy to have such an enthousiastic buyer.

The other 2 books I bought in a second hand book shop in Maastricht (NL), which is very close to my hometown and a perfect city to visit in one day. They really have nice shops and  this books 'De Bovenste Plank' (it means top shelf) was really overwhelming, top to bottom, it was literally covered in books..we spent some time there during one of the rare showers this past Summer.

My finds: this succulents book (from 1932!) and a book about Cactii and the care of it (very handy).

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  1. Anonymous28.10.13

    Wauw, wat een leuke vondsten! Ik kom vaak ook thuis met meer boeken dan andere souvenirs... heel fijn!