Eye See : Daniel Emma

The Australian designer duo Daniel Emma (Daniel To & Emma Aiston) is responsible for some of the finest stationery I've ever saw. Small objects to keep paperclips, presses to hold your paper down or vessels to put in your pencils (or small flowers). All of it is created in a colorful and straightforward geometric way. I could say D.E. brings us back to design base, where the functionality is reduced into a simple yet beautiful form.

The duo also has an exhibition coming up in December at Lamington Drive (Victoria, Australia), that's rather far for me, so I really look forward to see some of photo's afterwards.

(all photo's www.daniel-emma.com)


  1. Anonymous11.11.13

    Oh die kurken dingetjes voor paperclips vind ik heel fijn!

    1. Ja deze zijn echt super, ze worden trouwens geproduceerd door Wrong for Hay http://wrongforhay.com/#/site/products/accessories